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About Backlink Checker

Our free backlink tools are used to perform a thorough analysis of the backlinks on your website.

Powered by All in One Seo Online Tool, this free backlink analyzer is fully integrated with the Ahrefs engine to capture and display detailed backlink reports for active websites or web pages.

With this tool, you can:

  • Perform backlink analysis and audits of any site.
  • Research the best performing content
  • Find out which keyword or page gives you the most links
  • Find your competitors' most valuable backlinks and look at their backlink profiles for potential link-building opportunities.
  • What specific indicators can I use this tool to drill down?

Backlink analysis integrates with Ahrefs to give you the best results, which is why this tool does more than just display a list of backlinks for your site.

  • Displays the URL of the specific web page that links to the website.
  • Shows the exact anchor text used in the linkback.
  • Shows Ahref's domain rating for the domain linked to your site.
  • The type of link is displayed (ie, Do not follow or Follow).
  • You will be given the option to check the Ahrefs URL ranking for the linked website.

But that is not all. To make it even more useful, the free backlink tool displays relevant metrics like:

  • Organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • Total number of referring IP addresses
  • And what to guess: you get all of this for free.

The first report generated by the backlink checker is often limited to the top 100 backlinks pointing to your domain (one link is shown for each domain), but you can click further to see all the links.

How do I use the free backlink checker tool?

Our tools are very easy to use. You don't need to be a technician or SEO expert to use it. 

Step #1: Go to this page you already have (https://allinoneseoonline.com/backlink-checker).

Step #2: Enter the URL. This can be the main domain that points to the home page of your site or the URL of a particular page, such as the URL of a product page or blog post. You can choose to display external links that point to all pages on your domain or to display external links that point to a single page that has the URL that you entered in the tool.

Step #3: Click the "Submit Now". button. Certain requests may require the completion of a CAPTCHA. If so, continue. After completing the three steps above, the tool will display the results immediately; use all the metrics described in the previous section. 

Most other backlink checkers only show a few results per page (eg 10). However, our link checker can display the top 100 backlinks to a single URL. And you have the option to see more.

Why are backlinks important in SEO?

This is also known as an inbound link or inbound link. In general, the more backlinks your website has, the better your website will perform on search engine results pages. Also, the higher the quality of the backlink, the more likely it is to rank high.

How? Google and some other search engines recognize each backlink as a kind of recommendation. Therefore, the more backlinks (and their quality) point to your website, the more trustworthy your website will consider.

Therefore, when creating backlinks, don't just focus on the number of links. Instead, look for quality and relevance. In most cases, target your ads to sites whose domain permissions are greater than or equal to your site's permissions. (Try the free domain permission checker.)

If your site has a lot of poor-quality backlinks or spam links, your SERP ranking will drop. In other words, it is better to have 10 high-quality, natural backlinks than to have 100 low-quality backlinks.